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13 Effective Methods for Pet-Safe Ant Control in Your House – AZ Animals

It’s safe to say that the tiny creatures that we know as ants can serve and benefit their environment. Unfortunately, these little guys can be quite pesky when found in droves in and around your home. If you have a furry friend at home, consider one of these 13 pet-safe methods to get rid of ants.
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A mixture of water and vinegar is our first pet-safe method to get rid of ants. Make a 50/50 solution in a spray bottle. Avoid using vinegar near plants, as it can end up burning them, causing permanent damage. 
Apply a liberal amount of the solution to the region where you’re having an ant infestation. You can also spray the mixture directly on ants or their hills. Ants are instantly killed by vinegar upon contact.
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If there’s one thing you’ll learn throughout this article it’s that ants hate citrus. If you want to add another element to vinegar, consider diluting lemon juice with water and vinegar. Take a spray bottle and mist the scent trails that ants leave behind. 
If you’re using this to prevent ants near your plants, keep in mind that vinegar can kill plants.
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Using essential oils as a pet-safe method for getting rid of ants is common. It’s important to choose which oils you use wisely, as not all essential oils are safe for animals. If you have any concerns regarding using essential oils around your furry friend, consult your veterinarian. 
They could have pet-safe oil suggestions or tell you which ones to use or avoid. Ants dislike the following scents:
You can dilute a few drops of oil with water into a spray bottle and mist the areas where ants are most problematic. Another option is to utilize these oils in your cleaning supplies. For example, adding essential oils to your mop water will help keep ants at bay and make your home smell fantastic! 
©Bradley Rentz, CC BY-SA 4.0 – License
To establish an obstacle that ants are unlikely to penetrate, create an outline of chalk anywhere you want to keep ants away from. It’s nearly mesmerizing to watch an ant try to cross a line of chalk. It acts as a barrier that they won’t want to cross.  
It’s unclear if ants dislike it because of the calcium carbonate in it or because it obstructs their smell pathways. Plus, you could entrust your children with the task of controlling pests by having them make sure that their artistic sidewalk drawings shield your plants and home from harm. 
If you don’t have chalk on hand, baby powder or talc can have the same effect. Simply sprinkle it in a line or circle where you need to get rid of the pests and the ants shouldn’t be able to cross the threshold. 
Ants are repelled by the powerful aroma of citric acid as well as other naturally occurring acids found in the dried skins of citrus fruits. Using dried peels from citrus fruits, such as oranges, limes, grapefruits, and others is a pet-safe method to get rid of ants. 
If you don’t have any citrus peels available, consider using essential oils. Any citrus-scented essential oil will send ants running for the hills. 
Without a doubt, baking soda is a great way to tackle your ant infestation. To attract ants and ensure they try this unique mixture, stir in a small amount of sugar with the baking soda. Even though it sounds horrible, baking soda disrupts the ant’s digestive system, causing their insides to expel from their body.
This virtually eliminates the pest issue. Based on the extent of your insect issue, you may require a significant amount. Thankfully, you can buy it in bulk! 
©iStock.com/Marat Musabirov
Cinnamon is a great option if you’re dealing with an ant problem outside. You can sprinkle cinnamon around flower beds to keep ants away. They absolutely despise the smell, while most humans love it! 
Not only will cinnamon keep away ants, but it’s also known to be a deterrent for rabbits, squirrels, moths, and deer! 
Diatomaceous earth is an extremely affordable, environmentally friendly, and harmless substance that is highly effective against ants and various other pests that inhabit homes. Diatoms, or what’s left of fossilized algae, are used to make diatomaceous earth. 
Sharp, minute fragments are present in the powder. Ants’ and other insects’ exoskeletons are sliced by these tiny bits when they pass through them. The bug is going to get dehydrated and perish when the diatomaceous earth has penetrated its exoskeleton. 
DE feels like a fine, silky powder to people and pets, but it is lethal to ants. 
Another pet-safe method to get rid of ants is using sugar water. If one thing is true, it’s that ants love sugar. By making a mixture of sugar water and setting it out, it acts as a lure to entice the ants into one location. 
It’s essential that you have a way to kill or trap them once they’re near the sugar solution. Consider adding one of the other processes from this list. You could add a bit of vinegar or DE to the mix to kill ants on contact. 
©iStock.com/Michelle Lee Photography
Ants use a chemical trail to communicate with one another. One of the best ways to safely eliminate these pests is to get rid of the chemical trail! This is a great option for those who don’t want to kill ants. 
Luckily for humans, this method has a lovely smell that will perk you right up! The use of freshly ground coffee will cause ants to leave in the same way citrus does. One of the best parts of this process is that you don’t have to waste any coffee. 
You can use grounds that have already been brewed and sprinkle them around where the ants are coming from.
©richwai777/iStock via Getty Images
Similar to the baking powder remedy, this is another pet-safe method to get rid of ants. Mixing boiling water and dish soap kills ants almost instantaneously. This can be used indoors as well as to get rid of ant hills in your yard that are bothersome. 
An easy way to get rid of ants and clean up afterward is to use a mixture of dish soap and hot water. There won’t be any negative implications to worry about whatsoever. 
©joannatkaczuk/iStock via Getty Images
Although bay leaves don’t look harmful, they can be ground into powder to eliminate ants nearly instantly and repel them permanently. You can also buy bay leaf powder if you don’t want to grind the leaves yourself. 
It works effectively both indoors and outdoors, and one will notice the effects almost immediately. 
Just about anything you have in your spice rack is a great pet-safe method to get rid of ants. There’s no denying that these pesky creatures dislike any pungent smell. Any type of spice will be too much for the ants and they’ll avoid any area that has it nearby. 
Simply sprinkle the spices in the area you don’t want the ants to enter or the area you want the ants to leave, and you’ll be set!  
The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/RHJ
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