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Aeropress Has Launched a Reusable Steel Filter of Its Own – Daily Coffee News

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The Aeropress reusable stainless steel filter. All images courtesy of Aeropress.
The makers of the Aeropress (styled AeroPress by the company) have launched a reusable steel filter for the popular single-cup manual brewing device.
Made in the United States out of grade-316 stainless steel, the Aeropress reusable filter weighs about 13 grams and features an array of holes that are each 178 microns wide, which the company said is small enough for effective filtration but wide enough not to hinder flow or add resistance when pressing.
The company said it chose 316 steel for its improved anti-corrosion and chemical resistance properties as compared to grade-304 steel, another popular material found in the field of reusable coffee filtration.
“We’ve offered paper filters since the Aeropress Original debuted, and Aeropress users have enjoyed them for the clarity of the brew they produce. But people also love getting creative with brewing variables to make a cup exactly how they like it, and different filter types allow for lots of experimentation,” Constance Romero, marketing associate at Aeropress, told Daily Coffee News. “Overall, if clarity is important to you in your cup, we suggest our paper filters. But if you’d like a little more body in your coffee, or simply want the convenience and/or sustainability benefits of a reusable filter, give our new stainless steel filter a try.”
Aeropress reusable filter
It’s the official Aeropress accessory for which the world has not exactly waited patiently. Third-party options for reusable Aeropress filters have abounded along with the device’s growing popularity since its debut in 2005.
In 2014, Daily Coffee News reported on one early entrant to the field of reusable Aeropress filters, made by Kohi Labs. More than a few have since joined the press party, including: standard and fine versions of metal discs made by Able Brewing; a system of multiple discs made by Ameuus that brings fineness down to 30 microns; ultra-thin filters made of woven polymer fabric by Lattice and by by Precise Brew; and more.
There also exist cotton fabric Aeropress filters, as well as a world of alternative, unbleached or acid-reducing single-use paper filters.
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Despite the aftermarket activity, or perhaps stoking it, is the fact that follow-up products from the actual Aeropress company have been rare.
Aeropress company founder and brewer inventor Alan Adler has remained steadfastly confident in the perfection of the brewer in its original stock configuration and used according to the original product instructions.
Trophies from the 2021 World Aeropress Championship. File photo courtesy of World Aeropress Championship.
Apart from a slightly more compact, travel-oriented version called the Aeropress Go launched by the company in 2019, there have been no official variations or add-ons to the brewer, which many fans consider more of a Swiss Army Knife than a hammer.
The Aero-verse of aftermarket accessories includes gadgets that increase its brew pressure, apportion its output or adapt it for slow-drip cold brew. Manual grinders are designed to nest within it, and accessories exist to secure the brewer directly beneath the chutes of electric grinders. Silicone lids facilitate use of its hollow plunger for bean storage. Shelves, racks and caddies are made specifically to store and display it.
The almost cult-like international following has made the Aeropress a staple brew method both behind the bars and on the retail shelves of specialty coffee cafes, and the subject of a 2018 documentary film. It remains the focus of the spirited annual World Aeropress Championship.
“We love the creativity that has driven so many people to create their own accessories for Aeropress coffee makers,” Romero told DCN. “It’s that same spirit of invention that produced the Aeropress Original itself. Our new reusable filter definitely isn’t the only accessory we’re working on right now, so you’ll be hearing more from us on that front soon.”
The first and only official, patent-pending reusable stainless steel made by Aeropress for the Aeropress is currently sold on the company’s website and on Amazon for $14.95.
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Howard Bryman is the associate editor of Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine. He is based in Portland, Oregon.
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The Prismo, a long time accessory for the Aeropress, although not made by them, has always had a stainless steel filter. Should this fact not, at least, been mentioned in this article?
Agreed! I have been using a metal disc since I purchased my Areopress on 2019 f4om “Alternative Brewing”.
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