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American Ship Repair adds oneTANK BWMS to portfolio – Riviera Maritime Media

American Ship Repair has expanded its offerings with the addition of oneTANK, which it believes is the world’s smallest and most efficient ballast water management system (BWMS)
American Ship Repair (ASR), a New-York-based provider of engineroom equipment, drydocking services, and environmental regulation compliance equipment, has added the oneTank ballast water management system to its portfolio of engineering solutions. ASR represents ERMA FIRST in the United States market.
ERMA FIRST’s oneTANK is a small-scale innovative, low-cost ballast water treatment system, fully compliant with IMO Revised G8 Code and United States Coast Guard regulations.
Based on a patented mixing technology developed by the US Geological Survey, the system can be installed in larger vessels’ aftpeak tanks.
It is also suitable for use aboard workboats, tugboats, semi-submersibles, fishing vessels and superyachts.
According to ASR president Peter Gianopulos, oneTANK treats ballast water within the vessel’s own ballast tank, and has no filters, ultraviolet lamps or electrolytic chlorine generators. “Its footprint is a remarkable 0.37 m2 – half the size of its nearest competitor – and its power consumption is similar to that of a household washing machine.”
The system uses readily available chemicals that can be purchased from suppliers worldwide – a 8.25% or 12.5% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and 30% sodium thiosulfate solution. “Ballast water is automatically treated by applying and mixing the bulk chemicals in-tank,” Mr Gianopulos said, “allowing users to treat on their own schedules and avoid busy in-port times.”
ERMA FIRST managing director Konstantinos Stampedakis called it “a game-changing ballast water treatment technology. It is compact, simple-to-use, and fully automated. It delivers a quick-to-install additional solution for small ballast tanks on big ships, as well as a standalone solution for small vessels such as yachts, tugs and offshore support vessels.”
Application is practical for smaller vessels – a 20-litre container of 12.5% bleach will treat approximately 288 m3. For larger vessels, oneTANK can treat tanks as large as 4,000 m3.
“Invasions of non-native species damage the marine ecosystem in many areas they are found,” Mr Gianopulos noted. “But traditional ballast water management systems may not be feasible for workboats, tugboats, semi-submersibles or superyachts, many of which will be required to comply with the BWM Convention. ASR is proud to offer oneTANK as a solution. It is simple, reliable, economical and compliant with international regulations. Best of all, oneTANK uses no exotic materials, no filtration, no transformers or rectifiers.”
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