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Assured Testing Services Provides Corrosion Exposure Testing – Products Finishing

Company provides data across any phase of a product life cycle for a variety of industries.
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Assured Testing Services provides data across phases of a product life cycle in automotive, aerospace, defense, marine, architectural and agricultural market spaces. The company’s expertise ranges from custom test design to traditional physical testing, such as gloss, thickness, adhesion (mandrel bend, pull off, crosscut, impact) and pencil hardness. Accelerated exposure testing can be performed in one of its 50 chambers for salt spray, humidity, SWAAT, Kesternich, ASTM G85, CASS, UV and Xenon. Metallurgical and plastics testing are often used in conjunction with another test, providing a full scope of services to customers.
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A look at the use of modified sol-gel polymer films and hybrid system coatings, as well as the methodologies for evaluating the mechanical properties of the coatings.
The causes of and remedies for defects in hard chromium deposits are explored in the first of this two-part P&SF article from 1984.  Photomicrographs and SEM (scanning electron microscope) photo­graphs will illustrate that most defects in various hard chromium deposits arise from defects in the basis metal. These defects may be in the original metal surface or may be caused by preplate finishing. Homogeneous hard chromium deposits can be produced only by eliminating these defects. Practical suggestions and procedures will be given.
The main task of this work was to study the influence of the different parameters on the electrolytic coloring process for aluminum.
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