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Brillia for ADHD: Ingredients, effectiveness, and safety – Medical News Today

Brillia is a homeopathic supplement that the manufacturer claims can ease anxiety, stress, and lack of concentration in both adults and children.
Some individuals with certain mental health conditions may have a preference for natural treatments. In 2019, approximately 51 million adults in the United States were living with a mental health condition. Although the standard treatments for many mental health conditions are talking therapies and prescription medications, some individuals may prefer to try a homeopathic treatment approach.
Brillia is a homeopathic product that can supposedly help reduce anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in adults, teenagers, and children.
Brilla is an over-the-counter, homeopathic product available for adults and children aged 5 years and over. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate or approve this type of product for efficacy or safety, but it does ensure that the manufacturers do not make unsubstantiated health claims. Examples of these claims include saying that a product can treat or cure a specific health condition.
There are many similarities between the adult and child versions of this product, and the company markets both with the following claims:
Brillia’s Trustpilot page currently has no reviews or ratings, and the company does not have a page listing with the Better Business Bureau.
The reviews on the Brillia website all award 5 out of 5 stars. However, it is worth noting that Brillia may be able to filter the reviews to exclude less favorable ones.
Brillia’s active ingredient is Lapine S-100B immune globulin, which is produced using antibodies. S-100B is a protein in the brain that is essential for regulating many processes, including neuron communication. When there is too much or too little of this protein, symptoms such as anxiety, stress, poor focus, and hyperactivity occur.
At the right dosage, the manufacturer claims that the antibody inside Brillia brings the S-100B protein to the correct level. Three dosage options are available to suit people with mild, moderate, and severe symptoms.
Brillia claims that the body does not develop a tolerance to the drug over time, so a dosage increase should never be necessary.
Brillia provides products for adults over the age of 18 years and children and young adults aged 5–18 years.
The active ingredient within Brillia is Lapine S-100B immune globulin, which helps regulate the naturally occurring S-100B protein in the brain.
Inactive ingredients include:
Brillia is gluten- and nut-free. It does not include artificial colors or flavors, but it does contain lactose.
Brillia is available in three dosages for both adults and children, with the severity of an individual’s symptoms determining the most suitable option. If a person is unsure which to choose, Brillia recommends starting on a moderate dosage and spreading it evenly throughout the week.
The price range for the product is about $115–335, depending on the selected dosage.
The company also operates a discounted subscription service in which it automatically delivers the product every 1–3 months. A person can cancel or pause their subscription at any time.
There are currently no homeopathic products on the U.S. market that have FDA approval.
However, Brillia claims that it abides by FDA standards and has completed appropriate registration processes for detailing its ingredients.
Brillia is a small lentil-sized tablet that dissolves easily on the tongue. A person does not require a prescription to obtain this product.
The company also claims that the tablet is most effective when individuals take it for 3 consecutive months and then take the fourth month off because Brillia will still be in the system. However, taking this fourth month off is not essential.
The manufacturer claims that Brillia does not have any supplement or prescription drug interactions or cause any side effects. It also states that there are no adverse effects for those who discontinue its use.
However, as this product is not FDA-regulated in the same way as prescription medications, a person should consider speaking with a doctor to establish whether it might be suitable for them.
There are currently no other products that are directly comparable to Brillia.
However, a person may wish to contact a doctor to discuss trying prescription drugs to manage their condition. Doctors may also recommend talking therapy if an individual would prefer not to use prescription medications.
The National Institute of Mental Health states that a person should consider contacting a doctor if a child in their care:
An adult should consider seeking professional medical assistance if they feel as though their mental health condition is interfering with their daily activities. Some symptoms may include:
Below, we answer some of the questions that people commonly ask about Brillia.
Brillia is currently only available to purchase online via the company’s website.
The company claims that the drug is completely safe and has no side effects. However, a person should consider that the FDA has not evaluated these claims.
Brillia claims that the drug does not interact with any other medications or supplements. However, the FDA has not reviewed the safety of the drug, so individuals should consider discussing possible interactions with a doctor.
Brillia does not appear to have any side effects for adults or children. However, the FDA has not reviewed the safety of the drug, so it might be worth seeking the advice of a doctor.
According to Brillia’s website, a person will not experience any side effects if they miss a dose. However, if a person misses doses on a regular basis, the drug may be less effective.
Brillia provides a homeopathic drug for both adults and children who have symptoms of anxiety, stress, poor concentration, hyperactivity, and irritability.
Brillia is available for purchase online without the need for a prescription. It is available in three dosages to suit people with mild, moderate, and severe symptoms.
The company claims that there are no side effects or drug interactions. However, Brillia’s products do not have FDA approval, and the FDA has not reviewed them for safety or effectiveness.
Last medically reviewed on November 29, 2021
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