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Caltta SVP Presents Emergency Rescue Keynote Speech at MWC … – The Critical Communications Review

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor
Richard Sun Mingliang, Senior Vice President of Caltta discussed the importance of overall situation awareness for commanders and first responders during disaster rescue operations.

The 2023 Shanghai Mobile World Congress (MWC Shanghai) commenced on June 28th, attracting industry experts and leaders. At the “5G City: Technologies Saving Lives” forum on June 29th, Richard Sun Mingliang, Senior Vice President of Caltta, delivered a speech titled “Emergency Rescue, Technology Matters – Converged 5G Accelerating PPDR Applications and Saving More.” During his speech, he emphasized the importance of utilizing 5G technology to enhance public protection and emergency rescue operations, sharing Caltta’s insights and practices in this field.
His keynote speech was focused on three critical scenarios for PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) missions: natural disasters, major public events, and daily work operations. Richard stressed the significance of rapid response and rescue in disaster relief, highlighting the importance of saving time, as time-saving measures directly translate to saving lives. He emphasized that in large-scale disasters where networks, supplies, and roads are often disrupted, Caltta can provide immediate network coverage and power supply, establishing connections within minutes and ensuring all devices are online within seconds.
Richard also discussed the importance of overall situation awareness for commanders and first responders during disaster rescue operations. By providing comprehensive situational awareness, Caltta enables commanders to allocate resources efficiently, ultimately leading to more lives saved. To achieve this, Caltta offers a wide range of equipment, including 4G/5G PMR networks, drones, Ad-Hoc networks, portable base stations, handheld radios, and intelligent wearable terminals, all connected to facilitate seamless communication between front-line and back-end personnel.
Furthermore, he highlighted the need for effective management and coordination of different equipment from various departments during disaster relief. Caltta’s converged network capabilities address this challenge by integrating public and private networks, broadband 4G/5G and narrowband DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), as well as digital and analog technologies, simplifying the work of first responders.
In terms of expediting rescue operations, Richard explained how combining technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data enables the prediction of disasters. He also stressed the importance of the “combination of peacetime and wartime” concept in emergency rescue, emphasizing the need for coordination and optimization of processes to minimize rescue time. Caltta’s innovative solution involves collaboration with public safety organizations and telecommunication operators, where alarm calls trigger simultaneous actions, such as checking the location of the caller and matching nearby police forces, all within a mere two seconds. This efficient process includes setting up a triple-party conference call between the caller, dispatch center, and nearby police, enabling rapid response. In fact, the tested result showed that police arrived at the scene within 43 seconds of the alarm call, achieving an unprecedented level of public protection.
“Caltta offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for Ministry of Emergency Management departments. Caltta’s trunking systems and networks have been successfully deployed in over 60 countries and regions worldwide, catering to public safety, emergency response, municipality, rail transit, utilities, energy, and other sectors. “Addressed by Richard, “Caltta’s communication services have benefited more than 5 million users, making communications quicker, safer, and richer.”

Caltta’s commitment to leveraging technology, particularly 5G, for emergency rescue operations has resulted in significant advancements in public protection. Various solutions have been widely embraced and successfully deployed globally, making a positive impact in many vertical industries, and ensuring the safety and well-being of millions of users.
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