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Detailers Breathe New Life Into Mold-Riddled BMW 5-Series – CarScoops

This BMW 525xi was so infested with mold, it was labeled a biohazard
The experts over at Ammo NYC have done it again, this time working their magic on a BMW E60 525xi so infested with mold, it was labeled a biohazard.

The 5-Series was a Kars4Kids donation, but due to how unsafe it was from the mold, it was unable to be auctioned off for parts, which was deemed to be the most profitable way.
Mold can be very dangerous, especially in a closed environment like a vehicle. It can lead to certain diseases, such as skin irritation, lung infections, asthma, nasal congestion, and fever. As a result, the Ammo team outfitted themselves in full personal protective equipment (PPE), complete with suits, gas masks, gloves, and boots.
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Before they could even think about cleaning the car, AMMO performed various decontamination processes. They began by removing all the junk from the interior, trunk, and engine bay, as even with the PPE, it still wasn’t entirely safe to stay in the vehicle for prolonged amounts of time.
Next, they performed a chlorine dioxide (ClO2) tablet treatment to kill off the mold and hopefully make the car smell a bit more tolerable. They subsequently sprayed down every surface of the interior with a disinfectant to get rid of anything that might have been left over from the ClO2 treatment and give themselves the safest working environment possible before performing normal detailing.
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Then, they removed all the interior components to perform a more thorough cleaning using a strong all-purpose cleaner. Lastly, they pressure washed the entire exterior, reinstalled the interior, and cleaned the pieces that couldn’t be removed.
After that was all said and done, they finally got around to detailing, although they only did a fraction of what they’re capable of as the car will be auctioned for parts. Nevertheless, they gave the paint a nice polish, restored the headlights, and called it a day.
All in all, from beginning to end, the job took the Ammo crew roughly 65 hours between three people over the course of three days.


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