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Etherstack, a Leader in Critical Wireless Technologies, has Joined … – The Critical Communications Review

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor
Etherstack, a global leader in wireless critical communications technologies for clients in the public safety, defence, utilities and resources industries, has announced its membership of the TCCA

Etherstack is the world’s leading licensor of LMR technologies to global wireless equipment manufacturers. Etherstack technology is found in almost every major brand of LMR equipment, including key management systems, air interface protocol stacks and switching gateways. Established more than 25 years ago, the firm has offices and R&D facilities in the US, Australia, Europe and Japan.
As the critical communications sector moves towards broadband services, Etherstack has developed an array of hardware and software solutions that enable carrier clients to bring existing narrowband wireless users into their networks. This allows users to retain the narrowband capabilities that both commercial and particularly public safety agencies require for their mission-critical operations.
“TCCA is driving the critical communications sector’s evolution to broadband technologies and services, and we are proud to renew our active participation in this essential association,” said David Deacon, CEO of Etherstack. “Our solutions create a standards-based evolution path for carriers and agencies alike. These give the benefits of wireless broadband to traditional mission-critical narrowband wireless users and deliver the systems and technologies to provide the bridge to mission-critical broadband.
“Etherstack has seen a noticeable uptick in new TETRA product developments in the past 24 months driven by significant underlying technology and market changes – such as new System on Chip (SoC) silicon capable of hosting Etherstack’s TETRA Mobile Station and Base Station protocol stacks, as well as MCX advances in the public and private broadband space,” continued Deacon. “We plan to focus on two core areas – next generation narrowband platform designs leveraging our extensive SDR and SoC experience and TETRA network interface protocols and solutions building on our existing carrier grade IWF solution for MCX. We look forward to expanding our investment in TCCA TETRA Working Group participation and contributing in the same manner that we have for P25 in TIA over the past two decades.”
“TCCA is extremely pleased to welcome Etherstack as a member,” said Kevin Graham, TCCA CEO. “With a longstanding involvement in open standards-based narrowband technologies such as TETRA, P25 and DMR, and more recently with mission critical broadband and interworking, we look forward to the valuable insights and experience the Etherstack team can share across the global TCCA community as users and suppliers converge existing narrowband investments with mission critical broadband user needs.”
Etherstack has supplied TETRA, APCO P25 and DMR protocol stacks for terminals and base stations to radio manufacturers for more than two decades, as well as a raft of soft-switching and gateway technologies for LMR core networks, consoles and digital voice recorders. In 2021, Samsung announced a strategic partnership to integrate Etherstack’s 3GPP LMR-IWF product into their MCX offerings for carriers and public safety globally. The lead end-customer for Etherstack’s IWF solution is AT&T, the world’s largest telco. AT&T’s FirstNet offering will see the interconnection of more than 10,000 US public safety agencies to their MCPTX offering, ranging from small towns to cities and federal agencies. Besides Etherstack’s traditional technology licensing business involving protocol stacks and digital transceiver designs, the company can also introduce manufacturers to white label OEM vendors who incorporate Etherstack technology in their offerings.
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