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Flow Water Technologies offers free disinfectant to Cyprus in fight … – Riviera Maritime Media

Flow Water Technologies is increasing production of sodium hypochlorite and has offered to supply the disinfectant to the Cypriot Government free of charge to help combat the national spread of Covid-19 coronavirus
Flow Water Technologies, the Cyprus-based engineering company that produces the FlowSafe ballast water treatment system, has ramped up its production of disinfectant compound sodium hypochlorite and is now capable of generating 5 m3 of high concentrate per day, the equivalent of 60 m3 of sanitiser.
“We have taken the joint decision to put aside our immediate commercial objectives and help assist with the national fight against Covid-19 infection escalation,” said Flow Water Technologies’ chief executive officer Mark Hadfield. “Cyprus imports chemicals but it will soon run out. As Flow Water Technologies’ BWMS solution holds a Cyprus biocide licence for the emergency services the moral obligation was clear.”
Last year, Flow Water Technologies launched the FlowSafe DCD 2000 unit which produces a safe-to-use sodium hypochlorite solution that can be installed within a matter of hours on board vessels ranging from private yachts, tankers, container ships to cruise liners.
Cruise liners have been particularly affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus. For instance, Dream Cruises has announced the voluntary suspension of Genting Dream’s operations from Singapore from 23 February until 27 March 2020.
“FlowSafe DCD 2000 ensures endless amounts of cleaning and disinfection control to clean and sanitise all the drinking water units along with endless amounts of liquid to clean the whole crew quarters of the vessel including the galley,” said Mr Hadfield.
FlowSafe DCD 2000 is part of Flow Water’s ongoing corporate mission to engineer equipment that helps in the reduction of plastics on board vessels while ensuring the well-being of crew.
Ballast water treatment does not stop with compliance. Industry’s stakeholders discuss the issues in the Ballast Water Treatment Beyond Compliance webinar, which is now available to view.
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