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Frac pond bacteria out of control? Orion's Sledgehammer ClO2 unit … – Midland Reporter-Telegram

Do you have a frac pond that’s contaminated with harmful bacteria? Orion’s Sledgehammer has 10 times the chlorine dioxide power of a standard unit, to quickly kill bacteria as the water is being pumped into a frac job. Call 432-219-8100 to learn how it can work for you.
In today’s oil field, recycling produced water for use in hydraulic fracturing is becoming more and more necessary. It’s also becoming more practical, but only when the water’s contamination is removed.
That contamination includes the bacteria that depend on iron and, in the process, create iron sulfide.
Orion Water Solutions CEO Warren Sumner says sometimes operators will see water stored in frac ponds become saturated with bacteria for two reasons: the original treatment when the water was produced didn’t quite kill everything; or the water was stored in the frac pond for two weeks or more, during which time indigenous and airborne bacteria invaded the pond and feasted on organics and suspended iron to multiply.
“Just like cockroaches in the kitchen,” says Sumner, “If you don’t kill every last bacteria, they’ll come back with a vengeance. The average frac pond—holding up to a million barrels of water—is bacteria heaven.”
To the point that, when it’s time to use that frac pond water for fracturing, it requires much more treating than a standard chlorine dioxide unit can manage.
Enter the XL, or “The Sledgehammer.”
With 10 times the chlorine dioxide capacity of most standard units, it can quickly kill huge numbers of bacteria quickly, as the water is being pumped into the frac job.
Sumner points out that, while the Sledgehammer could be used to clean up the pond, instead of treating water that’s headed back downhole, its best use is for this ‘on the fly’ treatment. Its size lets it treat 100 barrels of water per minute to meet the demands of today’s frac jobs.
Sometimes the objection from the producer is that the water in the pond was treated once, why treat it again? As stated previously, if the water was treated incompletely—leaving a few bacteria alive—or it was left in the pond without ongoing treatment for too long—it’s become re-contaminated and the process must start over, no matter what treatment was done previously.
“Because if any bacteria are pumped downhole, they simply continue to create iron sulfide and other problems in the formation, where it becomes much harder to treat,” says Sumner.
Orion has very successfully deployed a Sledgehammer unit already and has more on the way—available for the next client.
To learn more about how this unit can rescue contaminated pond water call Orion Water Solutions today.
The phone number for Orion Water Solutions is 432-219-8100. Their website is: www.orionwatersolutions.com.


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