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From sea to land: Ukrainian seafood jerky firm Warm Seas turns … – FoodNavigator-Asia.com

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As evidenced by its name, Warm Seas (Local name: Teplie Moria) first made its name in the Ukrainian market with its dried seafood jerky products, covering various types of fish such as cod and salmon to prawns, crabs and squid.
The firm also had some dried meat jerky items, and with the ongoing conflict with Russian driving its overseas market expansion plans, Warm Seas has opted to expand its meat jerky range in order to increase its appeal in the Middle East.
“Warm Seas has been a leading snacking brand in the national Ukraine market for over two decades processing natural fresh fish and meats with our drying and salting technology that not only prevents bacterial contamination and increases shelf life, but also maintains all the healthy proteins and fats from the fish and meat,”​ Warm Seas International Sales Manager Ana Tkach told FoodNavigator-Asia​ at the recent Gulfood 2023 show.
“Although we are best-known for our seafood products, we are also skilled in making various meat items covering chicken, lamb and beef in sticks and jerky formats and in various flavours from eastern spice to Italian herbs to mustard or regular salt or spicy.”
The firm has also moved to highlight its halal certification process as well as it long shelf life as a result of its processing technique, given its Middle East focus.
“The origin of all of our products is Ukraine, and we have had all of these halal certified as well,”​ she added.
“The shelf life across all the meat jerky items is nine months if stored in refrigeration, so these can be transported across long distances and also displayed in supermarkets as needed.

“Where the focus for the seafood products previously was very strongly B2C, with these we are looking to go both B2C and B2B as we do a see a big opportunity here to work with snack and meat product brands to make jerky snacks and reach a wider consumer base too.”
Tkach also highlighted that the seafood and meat snacks are unique from each other not only in terms of tastes and flavours but also the health benefits that each carries.
“The fish snacks are high in nutrients such as omega-3. Vitamins D, E, B1, B6 and B12, potassium, iodine and more; whereas the meat snacks are high in protein content, many types of vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, iron and so on,”​ she said.
“All the snacks are gluten-free, which is a major area of interest for many consumers in Europe looking for relevant snacking options, and this is rising in importance in the Middle East as well.”
Although Tkach declined to respond in detail to queries regarding the firm’s operations and challenges at this time given the state of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Warm Seas’ social media has stressed that it will continue to produce and sell its products even amidst the conflict; as well as called for an end to the war.
“We will continue our work even in this difficult time for Ukraine, and will accept orders via online including on Instagram,”​ the firm stated.
“We have decided to work for our country, for the sake of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the public – a percentage of product sales will be transferred to support our armed forces, together we work towards victory and to restore the country’s economy.
“Our products can provide Ukrainians at home, in bomb storages or on the front lines with nutritious, delicious, high protein food that has a long shelf life.”
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