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Greasy Tidbits: Know What Kind Of Grease You Put In Every Zerk – Agweb Powered by Farm Journal

I’ve had opportunities lately to talk with chemical engineers and mechanical engineers about greases and lubrication. Here are some tidbits that caught my interest: 
1. Check with manufacturer’s recommendations before using molybdenum grease on the slack adjusters on truck brakes. Moly grease’s additives could keep the adjusters from operating to DOT standards, and in some cases the use of moly grease on slack adjusters will void manufacturers’ warranties related to brake problems.
2. Lithium grease currently comprises 75% to 77% of the worldwide market for general-purpose grease, but competition from battery manufacturing could make lithium grease less economical than polyurea and other general-purpose greases. 

3. Calcium sulfanate grease could become a popular general-purpose grease, says Dave Piangerelli, president of Lubrication Technologies. “Calcium sulfanate is the grease of the future,” he says. “Polyurea (grease) is good, but you’re going to see a lot of calcium sulfanate (grease) recommended as a general-purpose grease in the future.”
4. Some greases could be incompatible. Mixing moly grease with polyurea, lithium or clay greases could cause a chemical reaction. Depending on the additives in the types of grease, there’s a possibility the resulting blend could thicken the grease or cause the oil in the grease to separate and diminish lubrication in a bearing.  
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