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The relationship between Satcube and Intelsat started in 2017 with integration and delivery of Satcube Ku portable terminals on the Intelsat FlexMove network.
CCW 2023 saw an impressive 90% increase in attendance year-on-year with 4,836 visitors, making this one of the largest CCW event ever.
Publishes video proof of technology for voice calls through Lynk’s sat2phone service
SES has completed the successful in-orbit deployment of five of the six new satellites as part of a broader FCC program to clear a portion of C-band spectrum to enable wireless operators to deploy 5G services across the contiguous U.S.
The Australian NSW Telco Authority has received funding to progress the delivery of resilient communications to keep their customers and the communities they serve connected and safe.
At Critical Communications World 2023, the company showcased their Satcube, OneWeb and MAVERICK VSAT solutions and launched a new Whitepaper that is focussed on the use of Satellite communications for mission critical operations.
The Dubai Government’s Secure network provider Nedaa will support the critical communications sector showpiece as Host Operator in collaboration with the Department of Economy and Tourism.
UltiSat, a global provider of advanced communications solutions to government, humanitarian-aid and critical infrastructure markets, announced that its new GC5 SATCOM Service is now available for customer technical trials and live demonstrations.
New service extends the reach and capability of resilient, secure communication
According to the Alliance, technologies for precise location, NR-sidelink and integration of terrestrial (TN) and NTN including UAVs are amongst the technologies that will be important in driving public safety in the 6G era.
In a recent session of Thursday Morning Conversations, Via Satellite’s weekly interview series with satellite industry leaders, Intelsat’s Joel Schroeder offered his perspective on the drivers for next-generation, satellite-powered land mobility services.
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), announced availability of Hughes Smart Network Edge software for defense network operations.
Airbus announced that Wavecom Soluções Rádio SA has been appointed as Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the territory of Portugal for business development in critical communications. 
ICOM UK, today announced the introduction of the IC-SAT100, a specially designed holster to hold the IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radio and positions its antenna in an ideal position.
Technology promises to bring high speed internet, along with location-enabled data and communication, to places that lack such access, and to emergency situations where standard communication options become unreliable.
The unique offering combines NTT’s fully managed Private 5G and Edge Compute with SES’s second-generation medium earth orbit communications system – O3b mPOWER – to provide expanded and reliable connectivity.
Satellite communication is set to play an even greater role in the future of global connectivity, particularly with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G critical communications technologies.
Activity at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 reflected a recent trend: interest in IoT has declined, while interest in private networks (and private 5G in particular) continues to grow
This legislation is an important step toward truly universal emergency telecommunications coverage – saving lives, especially in times of disaster and in remote areas that may not have ubiquitous coverage.
Digital solutions company Globe tested Lynk’s satellite connectivity for SMS texts and emergency alerts in a trial in the Philippines, the companies announced March 2.
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