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Overwhelming Success Rate of 96% at 7th ETSI MCX Plugtests – The Critical Communications Review

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor
The goal of the FRMCS Plugtests event was to validate the interoperability of a variety of implementations using different test scenarios based on the 3GPP Mission Critical Services framework with a focus on the rail specific features.

ETSI today, announced a 96% success rate during the 7th MCX Plugtests event that was hosted by the Universidad de Málaga with the support of the European Commission, the European Free Trade Association, TCCA-Critical Communications and union internationale des chemins de fer.
This MCX FRMCS Plugtests event aimed to verify the interoperability of various implementations utilizing various scenarios based on Release-17 of the 3GPP Mission Critical Services with a focus on the rail specific features, which are also used for Mobile Communication System for Railways.
FRMCS features: Functional Aliases, Multi-talker, User and Group Regrouping, MCData IP Connectivity, and complicated emergency call handling, were also tested at the MCX Plugtests event. FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) is a well-laid standard by ETSI, that builds the future of next-generation rail communications. This system has been designed by the UIC, in close cooperation with the different stakeholders from the rail sector, as the successor of GSM-R but also as a key enabler for rail transport digitalisation.
The MCX Plugtests event was also aimed to test important services on a 5G test network in addition to the mission critical features that have already been tested in previous events over a 4G network. Inter-system communications, particularly IWF and inter-MCX scenarios, will receive particular attention.
On social media, particulary on LinkedIn, the progress of the participants of the 7th Plugtests could easilly be followed. Positive tresting results where shared by TASSTA, Teltronic, Consort Digital, Nemergent Solutions, Softil, Alea, and Funkwerk. 
Funkwerk performed tests on its on-board radio platform CRLT.20 and the FRMCS gateway FGW/NRM-1. Primary aim of Funkwerk was to undersand for the level of interoperability, the company had reached as well as the demonstration of end-to-end compatibility in setups with various vendors.
Harald Ludwig – Expert for Mission Critical and Professional Mobile Radio Communications on social media stated: “A big thank you to the University of Malaga team for hosting the MCX 7 Plugtests. It was an intense and great week with 29 vendors testing interoperability of their implementations.”
Kevin Graham, CEO TCCA on social media stated: “Well done by all a great week for advancing CC. Excellent observer program and demonstrations. Looking forward to more in 2023.”
If you would like to to participate in shaping future certification phases for critical communications, please contact the Global Certifications forum or TCCA.
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