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Paperless Parts to exhibit its secure, cloud-based estimating and quoting software at SUR/FIN 2021
Visit Paperless Parts’ booth to see a demo of its secure, cloud-based estimating and quoting software and how it can help your organization streamline communication with your customers, view 3D CAD files to understand and capture data like surface area and part volume/weight to drive costing, reduce duplication of effort in the quoting process, and eliminate risk of mistakes by having access to all of the information you need in one centralized location.
Paperless Parts| 508-272-0190 | paperlessparts.com 
A look at the use of modified sol-gel polymer films and hybrid system coatings, as well as the methodologies for evaluating the mechanical properties of the coatings.
Over the past 10 years, there has been commercial development of black chromium deposits from a trivalent chromium electrolyte.  This paper will review the deposit characteristics and operational consideration of these similar, but different chromium plating deposits.
This article discusses the development of a new copper plating bath that can deposit high ductility copper metal directly on a wide range of aluminum alloy substrates.  The process is particularly important for general metal finishing companies looking to plate aluminum parts for aerospace industry.
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