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Taiwan hosts AI art competition that explores prompt engineering

Taiwan hosts AI art competition that explores prompt engineering – Taiwan News

The annual Taiwan Creative Content Forum 2023 is set for six days. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan Creative Content Forum (TCCF) 2023, hosted by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TCCA), is taking place at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from Nov. 7 to 12 and brings together international creative professionals to discuss the latest trends in AI, Web3, and cultural content.
The event features a variety of interactive exhibits, panels, and workshops that explore the intersection of artificial intelligence with art, entertainment, and storytelling. Taiwan News has selected three must-visit stands from over 20 exhibitions.
VS AI Street Fighting
Taiwan hosts AI art competition that explores prompt engineering
The game helps the public get the hang of being a prompt engineer. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)
An online game called “VS AI Street Fighting” has been curated by art and tech studio Dimension Plus to explore the daily tasks of working as a prompt engineer. The game integrates the AI drawing platform Midjourney and the popular video game Street Fighter to create a unique experience.
Prompt engineering has grown due to the broad application of AI, with an annual salary reaching NT$12 million (US$375,000), according to Business Insider. Prompt engineers craft instructions for generative AI models to produce desired outputs, according to Bard, a large language model from Google AI, trained on massive text and code datasets.
Visitors will receive a question, such as "Putting yourself into the world of a famous book" or "Bathing yourself in cartoons," and then use Midjourney to create an image that fits the question. Participants can compete against fellow players or an AI-controlled opponent.
The game previously held an online AI art competition. The final eight-player tournament will be held on Nov. 11. Free tickets to watch the contest are available online.
Dimension Plus CEO Tsai Hung-hsien (蔡宏賢) said that the competition is a way to raise awareness of the AI art industry.

EGGSCAPE trailer. (Vimeo video)
Eggscape, a mixed reality game developed by Argentine studio 3dar, has made its way to Taipei after its initial release in the United States in May.
Players step into the shoes of "Eggs," embarking on an adventure that can be completed in under 30 minutes. With kung fu, parkour, or basketball skills at their disposal, players tackle a variety of challenges.
3dar seeks to revolutionize storytelling through immersive and engaging experiences, employing vibrant scene design and meticulous animation. The team has successfully leveraged mixed reality, virtual reality, and cutting-edge game animation to transform a social game into a large-scale party game suitable for all ages.
German Heller, director of 3dar, emphasized the game's emphasis on mixed reality tools and multiplayer mode. The goal is to seamlessly integrate the game into the physical space and foster shared experiences among friends.
Heller explained that the team explored various approaches during development to ensure fluidity and enhance player connection during the game. Eggscape serves as an icebreaker and necessitates collaboration among players.
MAVE: (메이브)(@mave_official_)分享的貼文
The virtual K-pop girl group MAVE: consists of four members. (Instagram, MAVE video)
MAVE:, a virtual K-pop girl group created by Metaverse Entertainment, has soared to viral fame with their single "Pandora's Box," surpassing 45 million streams on Spotify. The group's four members – Siu, Zena, Tyra, and Marty – have captivated audiences with their hyper-realistic AI-generated appearances, intricate choreography, and catchy tunes.
MAVE:'s success stems in part from the cutting-edge AI technology that powers their creation. The group's members boast incredibly realistic facial expressions, hair, and clothing, even exhibiting emotions like embarrassment and shyness.
MAVE:'s marketing strategy mirrors that of real-life K-pop groups, further blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds. They have appeared on popular music shows, released practice videos on social media, and even possess their own AI-generated voices that speak fluent Korean, English, French, and Indonesian.
Beyond their realistic visuals and engaging personalities, MAVE: holds the unique advantage of being immune to scandals and fatigue, unlike their human counterparts. They are always available to interact with fans 24/7, maintaining a constant presence in the digital world.
The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) views MAVE:'s success as a testament to the growing synergy between the Korean entertainment and technology industries.
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