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What You Need To Know About Hair Tinting – Glam

Changing your hair color every now and then can be a fun stylistic journey to fully express yourself or play around with your look. Unfortunately, dying your hair can also take a toll on the health of your strands. Dying your hair doesn’t just alter its color; it also lifts the hair strand cuticle. Once lifted, it’s hard to get your hair back into the natural condition it was in before any dye job, per Empire Beauty Schools. If you are looking to inflict the least possible damage when you color your hair, there are other less-damaging coloring methods to consider than hair dye. A hair tint process may be just what you’re looking for!
Before you get a hair tint, it is important to consider the current condition of your hair, your commitment to the color, and what color you would like to achieve (via LEAFtv). This can help you determine if a hair tint is the right path for you and your hair as you prepare to embark on this hair coloring journey.

If you are looking for a less invasive hair coloring process, hair tinting might be the way to go. Hair tint is less invasive than hair dye because it deposits color on the outermost layer of your hair strands without lifting or removing the existing hair color (via Braé). On the other hand, hair dye penetrates into the hair strand cuticles, which are the innermost layers of the strands, while it lifts the original color in the process.
Additionally, hair tint is considered the more gentle route to take for coloring hair, as it contains fewer chemicals than hair dye. Ammonia, peroxide, and potassium persulfate are common ingredients found in hair dye that give it a more permanent application (via LEAFtv). On the contrary, hair tint features a water or alcohol base, but it may contain ingredients such as silicone if it is combined with another styling product, such as hairspray.

Caring for your hair tint treatment is important for maintaining the health of your hair and longevity of the tint. The main difference between hair tint and hair dye is that the former offers a semi-permanent longevity. According to All Things Hair, hair tint lasts for around four weeks if cared for properly. How you wash it, the products you use, and environmental exposures can all have some sort of impact on your hair tint and how long its vibrancy lasts.
According to Be Beautiful, it is important to use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for your tinted hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for color-treated hair. Keratin and lipids are good ingredients to look out for as well. Offset any possible damage by using hair oils to better protect your hair and boost its health. Look for lightweight oils that can help strengthen any broken hair bonds and add extra shine to your tint job, without making your hair greasy.
Although a hair tint is generally the less damaging route, it’s always important to have a good hair care routine after the treatment for the best possible results.


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