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Why You'll Want To Have Denture Tablets On Hand When Cleaning … – House Digest

Think about all the things that get stuck in the grout on your floor, from mud from shoes to whatever the dog drags in. Sweeping and even mopping tile and grout is a constant chore, but even so, grout can retain some of that off-color stain from debris. You could get on your hands and knees with a scrub brush to polish each grout line, but there’s a solution in your bathroom cabinet that may make the task a bit easier. Denture tablets are a simple way to get a bit more scrubbing power.
Denture tablets have a combination of cleaning agents that create a bubbling, fizzy-like experience when you drop them into water. This is called effervescence, and when it occurs, the chemical reaction taking place is powerful enough to break down dirt and debris, some stains, and even bacteria. That’s why they’re so important to keeping dentures clean. They’re designed specifically for removing hard-to-clean material from porcelain and acrylic resin, which is why they work well on tile and grout that have a similar texture.
This denture tablet grout-cleaning hack is simple to follow since you really only need a few items and a few minutes of time. Use it on your floor tiles, your bathroom shower tiles, and even the backsplash in your kitchen.

How can denture tablets be a cleaning hack? As said, these tablets contain a number of cleaning agents, some of which are also found in the household cleaners you’re already using. That includes baking soda, a peroxide-based bleach called sodium perborate, and sodium carbonate. The tablets also add in a few other ingredients that create a chemical reaction when they hit the water, including hydrogen peroxide and potassium persulfate, a type of oxidizer.
The magic with denture tablets, though, is in that chemical reaction, which creates a bubbling on the surface of the tile and grout. It doesn’t penetrate these surfaces or damage them in any way, but it does dissolve the substances on top, giving you the ability to wipe them clean. Further, this cleaning hack works on many surfaces, including cleaning your toilet and removing stains on clothing.
The science behind it is fascinating. When you drop a denture tablet into some water, the sodium bicarbonate that’s in the tablet breaks up and forms sodium and bicarbonate ions, which then react to the hydrogen ions that are from the water and gas produced. The end result is a fizzing that’s neat to watch in a glass if you haven’t done so before.

With a package of denture tablets in hand, it’s time to go to work on your tile and grout. Start by placing two or three denture tablets into an empty spray bottle. You can break them up if you need to. Then, fill the bottle with hot water. Give the process a couple of minutes to fizz as the reaction begins to happen. Then, simply spray on the areas you wish to clean. Target the grout specifically, covering it with the solution. Then, let it sit in place for 20 to 30 minutes. This gives the solution time to penetrate into the surface of the grout and break down the dirt that’s on the tile. Once the wait is over, take a clean cloth and wipe away the cleaning solution and all of the material that comes with it. It’s a good idea to rinse with a clean towel or a mop to help remove any cleaning chemical residue.
If you have an area that’s particularly worrisome, try a bit of a different approach with this hack. Place a few denture tablets into a container and then add just a few tablespoons of water to it to help soften the tablets. This will create a paste-like substance you can apply directly to the troublesome areas. You can then use a brush to rub it into the grout line as the substance breaks down. Leave it on for a few minutes before cleaning it away to shiny, like-new grout.


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